4. Mai 2014

Roses are red, nails are blue, here I announce a new post for you :)

Hello everybody! 

I hope you're having a nice, sunny Sunday afternoon! At least I do and for the first time in about 3 months, this is the first Sunday I'm able to spend being lazy. As you know, the only thing left for my Bachelor's degree is my Bachelor Thesis which I'm writing at SAP until September. That also means that I don't have any lectures and exams left! :) Although it's really sunny right now, I'm just too lazy to get dressed to have a walk outside. Maybe later. If you have nothing to do, the day seems to be incredibly long! I even took an afternoon nap and it's still sunny outside ;)

Yesterday, I went to Heidelberg with my boyfriend. As always, when I'm in Heidelberg, it was terribly grey and rainy. The only thing I bought besides from our lunch are so-called "Schneeballen". They're a specialty from Rothenburg and they look nicer than they taste.

I also finally re-did my nails yesterday. I decided to make them blue and glittery. I don't know why, but now I'm really loving these nail polishes together! What do you say?
The nail polishes I used are: MNY 661 as a base (any dark blue nail polish would do) and Manhattan Lotus Effect 10G.

When we got back yesterday, I went get some groceries because today's Sunday and we usually forget this so that we end up sitting at McDonald's. In the last minute, I decided to get some roses and since my entire room is pink-ish, I went for hot pink roses. Unfortunately I had to use one of my travel cups because we somehow have everything in double amount here, but not one vase. However, it's at least pink and glittery!

xoxo ♥

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