16. Mai 2014

New in: Hollister, Primark, Diesel ...

Hey guys!

Today, I finally had time again to go shopping and I did come back with a few bags. Additionally, I ordered some stuff from Hollister which I haven't shown yet, so here's a combo post! 
Firstly, I got a jeggings from C&A. I prefer the jeans from C&A although I'm generally not a big fan, but their jeans just have the right cut and particularly the right length. I have really short and thick thighs which makes buying pants really hard for me, but C&A just has the perfect fitting jeans for me with their "short" sizes. Then, I went to H&M and bought these wonderful heels. I already own a pair of these in a darker blue and I really love them since they're unbelievably comfy, so I couldn't resist buying another pair - for only 5€! From Primark, I got some sleeping pants for my brother and my boyfriend. My boyfriend's are covered with yellow Spongebob Squarepants' and my brother's have Star Wars Angry Birds on them. I find them really cute and my brother loves Star Wars. Next, there are three pieces that I ordered from Hollister: A red longsleeve and two tanktops, one with jewels on the neckline. Last but not least I also got a t-shirt from Diesel and some bath stuff since we finally have a bath tub! Yay!

Speaking of the tub, I think I'll just finish here and go take a bath now ;)
Bye! xoxo

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