1. Mai 2014

I'm back! + Room Tour

Hey guys!
As I've mentioned in my last post, I found a new apartment for a shared apartment and in the past week, I slowly moved from my old place to here. Unfortunately, everything was so stressful so that I wasn't able to do anything else. I was working 8 hours a day for my Bachelor Thesis, spent 2 hours a day in transportation and then moved stuff after work. However, that part is finished now. Since Saturday, I'm officially living here in my new room. There's still tons of work to do in the apartment like cleaning and furnishing the living room, but at least my room is done and halfway clean.
In my last post, you've seen my room in the new apartment and here's how it looks like now :)

I tried to pretty much buy everything in pink or violet since I really wanted a girly room. I never had the chance to do so because I never had white furniture until now. I must say, I really like it ;)

So now that moving is almost completed, I can focus on my blog again. New posts are definitely coming up. Above all, I can finally take good quality pictures since I have huuuuge windows and I intentionally left some walls blank to have a proper white background :D

xoxo <3

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