12. Februar 2014

What's in My Bag?! OR Ode to My Favorite Bag

Just came back from university. Had the first one of my seven exams this semester and it was horrible :( It was an oral exam which means that I get my grade directly after the exam. Well, I just spontaneously declared today to a All-I-Can-Eat Day. Too frustrated to count calories.

To distract me from thinking about all my exams and all the things that I should know but I don't know, I just wanted to quickly show you what's in my bag :)

This is really a bag which I use probably the most besides my backpack. It's a beige Newbury bag from Lauren by Ralph Lauren. You know, I adore Ralph Lauren stuff ;) This bag is like one of the Classics and therefore always available. Just the colors change every season. So I bought mine last year in June/July, probably S/S season of last year. It's also the bigger version and it can carry sooo much! The best thing about it is that my MacBook just fits perfectly into this bag and I still can carry all the other things around. Definitely a bag that I recommend ;)

So as I said, I wasn't doing anything great today except for failing in the exam. So all I had in my bag were a thin binder, my iPad, my iPhone, a small notebook, water, hand cream, my Longchamp pencil case, my glasses, my wallet and some small things that a woman always needs :)

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I actually really need to study, but I'm so NOT motivated.
What a bummer.


[ekiém] hat gesagt…

Viel Glück :)

Lisa hat gesagt…

Ich liebe solche "whats in my bag" Posts! Du hast einen schönen Blog, ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn du an meiner Blogvorstellung teilnehmen würdet :)

Lieben Gruß, Lisa ♥️

Fiona hat gesagt…

Viel Erfolg! und ich schau echt gerne in anderer Leute Taschen ;) Da mekr ich mal wieder, das meine eigtl gar nicht soooo voll ist ;) zumindestens bin ich nicht die einzige =D

Zum Kichererbsen - Hummus. Es hat schon nen Eigengeschmack aber keinen der sehr penedrant ist. Was die Kalorien angeht muss ich gestehen da kenn ich mich leider gar nicht aus =(

Viele Grüße

Héloise Roubaud hat gesagt…

Oweh, ich hoffe, das wird noch besser =/ Ich habe die Prüfungen alle schon hinter mir und werde erst im April rangenommen, dafür dann aber direkt Examen o.O Die Tasche ist richtig toll, die hätte ich auch gern =)