11. Februar 2014

How do I motivate myself?

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If that doesn't motivate you, keep reading ;)

It's already over a month since I've started counting calories and trying to spend more time doing any kind of sports. Well, it's not always easy to keep on doing this. There has been days, when I wanted to give up. Especially, when I read that other people can lose over 7kg in just one month. These are things that just make one unhappy and wanting to give up. I've experienced that and I think everyone had those days somehow. So here are my tips to motivate yourself, I've tried them all and yes, they worked!

1. Tumblr
Yes, it's sort of stupid to redirect you to another blog website, but hey, the concept of Tumblr is just better ;) There are thousands of so-called "Fitblrs" that are all on their way to get a fitter body and their blogs are just so inspirational. Whenever you see all those fit girls (and boys), they'll remind you to keep on, if you want to look like them one day. Because change takes time and until the change is not completed, take your time looking at your goal :) If you aren't familiar with Tumblr, you can start by checking out my Tumblr.

2. Walls full of inspiration
Please don't judge me on what I did: For Christmas, I gave my boyfriend a poster with perfect looking pin-up girl and a Playboy wall calendar. And yes, they're hanging on the walls in his room. Why did I do that? Well, simply because these girls are what-to-look-like. Rather than all these catwalk models. Whenever I look at the walls, I'll remember that I need to keep on, if I want to look like them someday ;)

3. Hunger? Drink water. A lot of water.
I know it's not the best medical solution for the "hunger problem". No, we're not copying the Hunger Games, but what to do, if the daily calorie goal is already reached? My way to distract myself is to drink a lot of water, like really a lot. You'll see, it works :)

4. Buy smaller clothes
There's just that one skirt you want, but you don't fit in there? Buy it. And look at that skirt again, whenever you feel like giving up.

5. Define All-You-Can-Eat-Days
No one can restrict their diet forever. Define one day in a week, on which you just eat whatever you want. Don't panic, the scale won't revenge the next day. Mine is Thursday, so there is always one day in every week I look forward to :) Just don't forget to also drink a lot!

So these are my tips to keep on, I'll keep you updated!

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