13. Februar 2014

My First ASOS Order - Unpacking and Trying On!

Yay, I finally received my very first order from Asos! I actually read and heard sooo much about Asos, but never ordered anything. Most of the things there are just a bit too extraordinary for me, so I always just sticked to "conventional" clothing from H&M and Mango. 

So I ordered three things: Two dressed and one hat. Well, I'll have to admit that the hat was more or less a joke. I really wanted one like that, but I don't think I'd wear it, so... Yeah.

Get this dress here: Asos

Get this dress here: Asos

Get this hat here: Asos

I think I'll definitely keep the pink dress, but I'm not so sure about the black one. It looks okay, but in it's really weird in the chest area and I really can't figure out how to arrange it the right way. And the hat.. Well, it's more a toy than a wearable hat :D Probably going back to Asos :)

I really got to study right now. I'll go get a few things in a few hours for a really cool present (can't write about it yet for certain reasons ;)) and I'm so excited about it!


Patty hat gesagt…

Yeyyy, Asos ist einfach das Paradies schlechthin! :) Ich will lieber nicht darüber nachdenken, wie oft ich da in den letzten Wochen bestellt habe :D
Danke auch für die lieben Glückwünsche ♥

CurlyGirly hat gesagt…

wow ! :)
also bei dem lilanen kleid hab ich auch erst überlegt ob ichs bestellen soll, finde das echt schön. :)