14. Februar 2014

Valentine's Day!

Hey guys!
Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all had a wonderful day! :)

To be honest, mine wasn't that great :/ I had my second exam this morning and it was another exam which I started reading and my first thought was 'WHAAAAAT?'. Like really... I couldn't solve most of the tasks. Since I had a lot of time left in the exam after I finished everything that I could solve, I invented a bunch of answers to the questions. And the more I read my answers, the more was I convinced that I might get the points - at least partially. But let's see.
Actually I'm supposed to study right now - still. Tomorrow's the next exam :'( So, for me, there's no 'Valentine's Day'. It's more like study-study-study-or-fail. No matter what, I prepared a gift for my boyfriend yesterday. Since we're more practical and less like 'cheesy & romantic', I just bought some chocolate that he loves and sticked them to a big red paper. In return, I also got chocolate :D Well... You know I always count calories and chocolate are like... really really bad. So I decided to stop counting calories until at least the first ones of my exams are over. I already had two exams, tomorrow's the third one, another two around next weekend and the last two in March and April. I find it really hard actually to count calories while studying. I need to eat during that. Like seriously.

So, enough blabber, here are some photos of that heart I put together ;)

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