26. Februar 2014

February Favorites ♥

How fast time passes by! It's almost end of February and it feels like it's only been a few days since January was over. Since I like to read monthly favorites posts, but I don't like to see only make-up, I decided to do it a little bit differently. So my range of "products" is a little bit bigger and to be honest, I don't have a lot of favorites this month because all I remember are exams, exams and more exams. :(

Most important thing of all: tea. I rediscovered all kinds of tea this month because I just can't stop drinking tea while I'm studying. My favorite teas are peppermint tea and Rooibos Tea.

Next favorite this month are my new Converse shoes. I actually never had any of them before, so I thought I'd buy a pair when I saw them on sale. They're dark green leather high tops and I really like them. Except for the fact that they have these unnecessary holes on the sides above the sole, they're really great. The only problem is that it's not warm enough to ignore the wind that comes in through these holes :( But nevertheless, it's so great to have shoes again in which I can walk more than ten minutes at a time without that my feet hurt like hell. ;)

This month, I've been really into lip colors. Most of the time, I had a lip stain or a lip polish on. These are the lip polishes and lip stains which I really like. They're not sticky and they stain really evenly.

My favorite perfume this month was definitely the Tommy Girl Perfume by Tommy Hilfiger. I know, it's a summer fragrance and summer is far far away (unfortunately :( ), but I really like that perfume. So I wore it almost every day this month.

Last but not least, I have to make the Essence Ultime Omega Repair BB Beauty Balm by Schwarzkopf one of my favorites this month. I got that this month and I have used it after every hair wash since then. I love the scent and it makes my hair so shiny and healthy-looking :) The advantage of this beauty balm compared to the hair oils is that this beauty balm is not makíng the hair looking greasy, no matter how much you put in. Maybe I'll do a detailed review for that product later.
And that's it! What were your favorites this month?


Clara Stille hat gesagt…

Lovely ♥

Will you like to follow each other?

Clara/ littlemiss-unsmile.blogspot.com

Sandra hat gesagt…

Tolle Favoriten und schön das du dich auch auf etwas anderes als Kosmetik beziehst :-)


Nimsaj hat gesagt…

Ahh eine Bloggerin aus Karlsruhe! Bin auch aus der Gegend :D
Toller Post und liebste Grüße <3

Jasmin von nimsajx.blogspot.de

Dilan Ergül hat gesagt…

Toller Blog und toller Post- hab den gern gelesen :)

Liebst, http://dilanergul.blogspot.co.at/

Lamagnificence hat gesagt…

Der Post ist richtig gut gelungen♥

phie hat gesagt…

the tea looks delicious!


dahi. hat gesagt…

oh ja der tee sieht wirklich sehr lecker aus! ich finde es auch sehr sympathisch, dass du über diverse sachen bloggst. das leben besteht ja nicht nur aus klamotten und kosmetik - und zum glück auch nicht nur aus prüfungen :D
hast du denn nun alle hinter dir?

bist du eigentlich ursprünglich aus china? weil du ja meintest dass du dieses jahr wieder nach china fliegst. jaa ich glaub dir aufs wort dass du dich aufs klamottenkaufen freust :D in korea fand ich das klamottenkaufen auch immer total toll (und die landschaften, und die verwandten besuchen, und das essen !!!) aber es ist wohl wesentlich teurer als in china ^^ vor allem wenn man in die departementstores geht XD

und wegen dem jam jar: futter marmelade, auf los gehts los! die schönen momente erwarten einen aufbewahrungsort XD

ina hat gesagt…

I'm definitively a tea drinker and Converse wearer, too! I have three pairs of Converse and I love them all!

xox - ina

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