1. September 2014

Back to German.

Hey guys!

This is probably the last post I'm writing in English. Sorry to anyone who used that "language switcher"! I just decided to do so as it's really annoying to write the same text twice in two languages for each post. In addition, I wasn't able to post from mobile, whenever I wanted to share interesting stuff, resulting in not posting eventually as I forgot about it later. I hope it's okay and of course I hope that I'll have some more time in future to care about my blog. Actually, I designed a new layout, but I just never have time to apply that to this blog. 

It's Monday again and I just relaxed the whole weekend. I really needed that. Working 40h a week is not easy although I'm not doing much. Currently, I've just been writing my Bachelor Thesis. All programming stuff is basically done, but in the end, I have to submit something written, damnit. 

New stuff coming soon. Like really. This time I promise!


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