4. März 2014

My Wishlist ♥

I really love reading other's wishlists because I always find stuff that I want, too ;) So someday, I started mine and by the time passing by, my wishlist is getting longer and longer. I use my wishlist mostly for personal purposes, so my friends and family don't have access to it. I actually don't like "getting things", but I want to buy all the stuff by myself. I don't really know why, I just feel better that way. That's way I always just wrote down my wishes for myself. Since my birthday is coming up in exactly one week, I have another excuse to buy myself another wish, yay! :D I thought, you might also be interested in seeing what's on my "to-buy" list, here we go: 

I didn't want to use picture collages, since I'm only using my own pictures on this blog. For that reason, the best way I thought of to illustrate this post was to draw all that stuff. So excuse my drawing ;)
These things are currently on my wishlist:
  • Apple Magic Mouse (link) - I really want one to use with my MacBook since it's really annoying to play games like The Sims with the normal trackpad. And I don't want a usual computer mouse ;)
  • Michael Kors bag (link) - One thing, that I don't really necessarily need, but I just want one. But not one of the shiny ones, but a genuine leather one.
  • White crochet/lace dress (link) - I just need one for summer :)
  • Xbox with Kinect - Actually, this is one thing that my boyfriend and I want to get someday because it's just cool. And I think that the Kinect games are just good workouts for me :D
  • Black Riding Boots - I always have boots that are comfy, but not really elegant looking. So what I'm looking for now is a pair of black, leather riding boots that look really classy with either a dress or just some jeans.
  • Epilator - I really want to try them out actually, but I just never get to buy one and I don't really know why.
  • Tamron 15-270mm lens (link) and Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 (link)
  • Galaxy Leggings (link) - I really want that Black Milk leggings, but I really think that 75 AUD is just too much for a pair of leggings :(
  • Beats Pill pink (link) - I don't really know why I want some Bluetooth speakers soo bad, but the Beats Pill speakers are just so pretty and cute, they'd even look nice as room decoration!
  • White chiffon blouse - I just haven't found the perfect white blouse yet :/ Still looking for it!
  • Dress form - I wanted that one for already so long, but at the moment, I just don't have space for that in my room :(
  • Tiffany & Co. necklace and bracelet - I don't know yet, which one exactly, but I really want those two things.
What are your favorites off my list? What do you think should I buy next? :)


cherryphil hat gesagt…

Dein Blog ist echt schön, vor allem deine Themenauswahl interessiert mich,
folge gleich mal und musste leider deinen Blog mit verdienten 10 Punkten bewerten:)
schönen Abend dir noch!!:)

cherryphil hat gesagt…

du bist ja wirklich süß! ich muss dir folgen!:D
ich bedanke mich ebenfalls bei dir :)
ach, was ich zu deiner wishlist noch sagen wollte,
xbox mit kinect fände ich für workouts auch ziemlich klasse,
nur leider schreckt mich die überwachung irgendwie so ab:D

Amely Rose hat gesagt…

ahhh ich liebe so wishlists...die inspirieren einen
obwohl ich eigentlich meine liste eher kürzen sollte als zu verlängern mit Sachen die ich unbedingt in meinem leben brauceh :D
die Illustration ist der Wahnsinn, hast du die selbst gemacht!?

Wunderschöner Blog, mach weiter so.
Hoffe du schaust bei mir auch mal vorbei
Deine Amely Rose von:

Michèle Kruesi hat gesagt…

Tolle Wunschliste!! Davon füg ich gleich mal ein paar Sachen zu meiner hinzu ;)


crayes hat gesagt…

echt tolle sachen dabei :> insbesondere die objektive und die mk tasche gefallen mir richtig gut

dahi. hat gesagt…

the white crochet dress and of course the MK bag. very beautiful pieces!