17. Februar 2014

Little Primark Haul!

Hello everybody!

So I already told you on Saturday that I went a little bit shopping after my exam. But I didn't actually show you everything that I got. Actually, I thought that this Primark haul is just not worth a "haul post", since I didn't get a lot of stuff, but nevertheless, here we go! I just find alle those things sooo cute and they all were such nice steals. 

First, I got a set of earrings, 9 pairs - to be exact. They're really really cute and small and if you know me, you'd know that I don't really wear anything other than studs. I already bought some Primark studs before and 2 of 3 pairs broke when I was trying to get them off that plastic holder, so I told myself not to buy them again. But they were so cute, so I gave them another try. 
Next, I got a set of a necklace and a pair of matching earrings. They're heart-shaped and have really shiny rhinestones on them. I really want to make that necklace an everyday necklace because it looks okay and it's was so inexpensive that it's not a bummer when I break it again. I already tried so many necklaces, platinum, silver and cheap ones, I broke them all.
Then I got a pack of so called yoga socks. Actually I've never seen socks like these before, but I thought they looked funny, so I picked them up. They look a little bit like gloves since they have separated toe openings. The best thing about them is the rubbered sole which prevents slipping when you're doing sports.
I also got some home boots which are sooo cute and warm and soft. The have Winnie Pooh heads on top and some nice soft sherpa lining inside. 
Last but not least I got a white, thin infinity scarf. I really like infinity scarves since you don't have to care about the ends sticking out somewhere and they're just easier to put on. And white just matches almost everything.

So that was my little haul! I hope you liked it! I'm probably going to do some running again today, but first, I should study. Like really. It's really frustrating to have to learn when the sun is shining and the lectures are over because you could just do whatever you want.. go shopping for example. If there weren't these exams... 


Glühwürmchen hat gesagt…

Such cute stuff!
Love the bear socks :D


Dilan Ergül hat gesagt…

Ich hasse Post über Primark..
Mich macht das andauernd so eifersüchtig, ich war nämlich nieee
Tolle Sachen hast du aber gefunden :)


Bonnie hat gesagt…

Die Yoha-Socken sind ja geil.
Die will ich auch OoO

Miss Annie hat gesagt…

Oh mein Gott die Hausschuhe sind ja soooooo süß! Das wäre absolut auch was für mich :) Ich bin ein absoluter Fan von gepflegtem Herumgammeln auf der Couch ;)

Liebe Grüße
Miss Annie
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SabyyBeauty hat gesagt…

Sind richtig tolle Sachen dabei :)


Fiona hat gesagt…

I love your Winnie Pooh shoes! They are so damn cute ;)

If you want to take a look: worldwildfood

hey_pennylane_ hat gesagt…

Irgendwann werd ich nochmal verrückt, weil hier kein Primark in direkter Nähe ist. Ich sags dir, verrückt! Überall Primark Sachen und ich komm nicht hin :-((


Anonym hat gesagt…

der schmuck ist ja total hübsch, sehr toll! und diese pooh-schuhe :D süß...
liebst, laura

von http://www.diamondsandcandyfloss.com
(heute: die besten beautyprodukte um in den frühling zu starten)

Caro Lovato hat gesagt…

Ich will diese Pooh-Schuhe haben, die sind ja der Hammer. Auch toll geschrieben von deiner Seite.


dahi. hat gesagt…

oh gott die hausschühchen sind goldig - pooh der bär :D