15. Februar 2014

BILINGUAL && dm Lieblinge February 2014 ♥

Hello everybody!
I finally finished the third exam of this week which also was the last one! It was really awful, as always, and I really hope that I passed that. :/ After the exam, I went to the city to do a little shopping, but particularly to collect the dm Lieblinge Box, which is a box subscription from the drugstore dm. You can win one of the 5000 boxes each 3-month-turn and you get each box for just 5€. Of course, there might be stuff in there which you just don't need, but most of the time, there's really great stuff in there.
Furthermore, I proudly present my solution for a bilingual blog: A language switcher! I tried around with different methods and I think this one is okay. I thought about writing in both languages just one after the other, but I really hate reading texts like that myself. So now you can select whether you want English or German on the right side below the title of the post. Next step is to include that system into the entire blog, so that you don't need to switch for every single post :)

This volume & shine soufflé is actually one of the products that I don't necessarily need. Actually, my hair doesn't want any volume. I probably need to try this out. Maybe this thing works wonder ;)

I've always been using this Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur hair treatment, but normally, the fluid has a "normal", beige color. This one is really crazy... It's blue! And no, fortunately the content is not glittery. If so, I really wouldn't try this out.

Another thing are these dishwasher tabs. Well, I live in a student dorm, we don't have a dishwasher. I'll probably take them home to my parents'. :D

This is probably the first this so far that I find interesting! It's a BB cream for the hair. It's supposed to heal split ends and nurse damaged hair. Since my hair is sooo damaged, I really need to try this!

Well, just another body lotion for me. I have sooo many body lotions, but I actually never use them. Maybe I'll give that one to my Mom.

The last thing is a little sample of another, natural body lotion. Best thing about that is the size of that little bottle. I'll probably take this one with me, when I go swimming because I hate carrying all those huge, heavy bottles with me.

All together, I think this box is okay. There's not a lot that I really wanted, just some "extra stuff". Maybe, it'll be better next month :)
What do you think about it?


caroli hat gesagt…

juhu alverde sachen die mag ich sehr :D
die anderen dinge sind leider nichts für mich denn ich mag die hersteller nicht
...die machen voll viele tierversuche, haben schlechte inhaltsstoffe...viel zu viel chemie und sind ungesund :D
aber schöne vorstellung

PALINA hat gesagt…

Die Sprachauswahl finde ich wirklich sehr praktisch:)

phie hat gesagt…

this blue gliss-kur stuff looks awesome! Excited to know how it works :)



Jimena hat gesagt…

Tolle Produkte, die Alverde-Körpermilch zählt eindeutig zu meinen Favoriten :)

Hier geht's zu meinem Blog – Über neue Leser würde ich mich sehr freuen!

Dilan Ergül hat gesagt…

Hast wirklich Super Sachen gekauft!

Liebst, http://dilanergul.blogspot.co.at/

Vanessa hat gesagt…

Hay :) schöner Blog

Bei mir läuft grade eine Blogvorstellung :) würd mich freuen wenn du mitmachst :)

LG Vanessa


Irina Gäns hat gesagt…

Ich hatte auch mal für 6 Monate die DM Lieblinge ) Schade, dass es da immer nur 5.000 Stück von gibt. Die Box ist zwar nur eher mäßig, aber sonst ist die echt immer klasse! )
Liebst Irina

baglovin hat gesagt…

Tolle Produkte, ich muss meine auch noch abholen.

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