24. Februar 2014

Alive... again

Hey guys!

Just a quick update because I haven't posted for a few days now. So what have I done?
I had two exams on Friday, 21st, and today. And to be exact, I had two days to study for that exam today which was really terrible. I didn't even leave the house from Friday night until today, when I went to the lecture hall. Fortunately, the exam wasn't as bad as I expected, so I can say that I survived that. And life goes on now! I have some more posts in mind, but since I'm too lazy to turn on my computer again, I'm just quickly updating from my iPad.

So more posts coming up tomorrow, keep coming back :)

xoxo <3

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Jimena hat gesagt…

Ich bin schon sehr gespannt auf deine kommenden Posts, habe deinen Blog nämlich gerade entdeckt und finde ihn wirklich super!

Hier geht's zu meinem Blog – Über neue Leser würde ich mich sehr freuen!